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Should You Sell Your Home For Cash? 3 Potential Reasons To Consider This Type Of Sale

While the real estate market is still very active, most of the homes that are selling quickly or for top dollar are in good condition, with sellers who can easily deal with the process of listing and selling. But not all homeowners enjoy this type of situation, and for them, the option of selling their home for cash could be a viable option. If you are unsure whether you could benefit by selling your home for cash, here are three potential situations for you to consider. 

A home that has fire, flood, or other serious damage

Homes that have been seriously damaged by fire, flood, storms, or other calamities can be extremely costly to repair and rebuild, even when some insurance coverage applies. In many instances, the cost to rebuild or perform major repairs can be much more than the insurance settlement, leaving the homeowner unable to move forward without incurring debt. Many residential investors are willing to purchase houses in this type of situation for cash to either raze the site for a new building project or repair the property so that it can become a rental. 

A home that has been inherited and will not be used as a residence

An inherited home may not be a blessing, especially if the home is in need of costly repairs or updates. Inherited homes can also be a drain on personal finances if the home is located in another city or state, making it difficult for the new owner to maintain the home or keep it safe from criminal activity. In this situation, selling the inherited home for cash is the best way to eliminate responsibility for the unwanted, inherited home while also providing a significant amount of cash. 

A home that needs significant work to cure functional obsolescence

Even homes that are structurally sound can be very expensive to update, especially if they are considered to be functionally obsolescent. When a home falls into this classification, it may need to have all the finishes and surfaces inside the home replaced or it may need more in-depth remodeling to deal with designs or features that most buyers today want to avoid. Homes with a single, small bathroom, an odd floorplan, or an outdated or unsafe kitchen are all examples of functional obsolescence that could make it beneficial for owners to sell the home for cash instead of trying to modernize or improve the home. 

If you own a home that fits one of the scenarios mentioned here, taking time to discuss your situation with a reputable residential investor or real estate professional may help you understand the benefits of selling your home for cash.  

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