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Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Real Estate Agent To Sell Your Home

Hiring a real estate agent can feel quite personal. After all, this agent is going to be in your home. They're going to analyze your home, be with you when you sell the home, and guide you in accepting an offer. For this reason, it is a good idea to interview a few different real estate agents and hire the one you feel most comfortable and confident around. Here are some questions to ask various agents during that process. 

How do they prefer to communicate? 

Some agents prefer to communicate via phone call. Others may email preferentially, and others might text. Ask the agent how they prefer to communicate, and make sure you're comfortable communicating in that style. If you are someone who gets anxious about talking on the phone, then you may prefer an agent who will text you. On the other hand, if you're someone who frequently forgets to reply to texts, an agent who makes phone calls may be best. You'll be communicating with your agent a lot during this process, so you want that communication to be seamless.

How do they price homes?

While it is common for agents to price homes by using "comps" — similar homes that have sold in your area — there are other pricing strategies they can use. Some might use a formula to calculate your home's worth. Others might get input from various agents in the region. The way a home is priced has a huge impact on how much it actually sells for, so make sure you're comfortable with the pricing strategy used by the agent you hire.

Do they have a photographer they use?

Some real estate agents bring their own photographers to take photos they then use in the home listing. Others take the photos themselves, and still, others may expect you, as the seller, to supply photos. Unless you plan on photographing your own home, make sure you hire an agent who can supply photos or a photographer. You can even ask to see some photos from their past listings to ensure you're happy with their quality.

If you ask these three questions of any real estate agent you're thinking of hiring, you will learn more about their way of operating. You can compare several agents and hire the one who you think will represent you and your home the best.

Speak to a real estate agent today to learn more. 

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