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Buying A Home? 4 Tips To Maximize Privacy For Your Family

While living in rentals with your family, you may discover that you are interested in more privacy than you have been getting. Buying a home gives you a chance to get all the privacy your family wants and needs. The important part is to learn about what features and qualities will provide sufficient privacy and then bring that knowledge to the house-hunting process.


The neighborhood where you buy can make an enormous difference regarding privacy. For instance, you may notice that urban and first-ring suburban neighborhoods have properties close to each other. Being so close makes it a little challenging to get sufficient privacy because your neighbors might be able to hear and see your family easily.

A worthwhile priority is looking for real estate in outer ring suburbs where you can get more land with your purchase. This will ensure your home is a fair distance away from neighboring homes. The distance adds privacy, and you will also have room for features that boost privacy.


A front yard and backyard fence are worth getting with your home purchase to maximize privacy. Ideally, you want to prioritize tall and solid fences as they have the greatest chance of providing reliable privacy. You may want to take it a step further by avoiding neighbors with multistory homes because they can see over a tall fence from their upper-floor windows.

While many front yard fences are not as tall as backyard fences, you can still get privacy from them. For instance, you will block partial visibility from drivers and pedestrians passing by.


Mature trees and some growing trees are excellent sources of privacy. A strategic option is to prioritize shade trees that provide cover for several windows. Since some trees lose their leaves during autumn and winter, you can demand evergreen trees to guarantee privacy all year long.

In some cases, you will find that tree canopies are too tall to provide privacy for first-floor windows. This makes it worth looking for short trees with low canopies to compensate.


The location and size of windows, along with their treatments, can make a huge difference in family privacy. For instance, second-story windows often provide natural privacy because their height makes it difficult for anyone on the ground level to see inside clearly. Another strategy is to look for property listings with custom blinds or window treatments that provide full privacy.

Get all the privacy your family needs by buying a home with these tips.

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Investing In A Better Home

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