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Want To Buy A Luxury Townhome: What To Ask Before You Buy

A listing that is advertised as a luxury townhome can be an ideal property for someone that isn't looking for a house with a lot of maintenance, but you must be sure that you know what you are getting. You will want to talk with a real estate agent and go through the listing to be sure that you aren't deceived.

You want to look at the value of the property and compare it to other new construction sales by square foot, and the amenities that come with the townhome. Here are some of the things to consider before making an offer or a purchase.

Invest in Real Materials

You want to look at the materials of the luxury townhomes before you buy, to be sure that you are getting the high-end materials you imagine. Some of these materials would include:

  • Solid hardwood floors not engineered wood
  • Stone countertops instead of laminate
  • Solid wood doors instead of plywood hollow options
  • Metal hardware and lighting fixtures instead of colored plastic

Go through and make sure that it's high-quality carpeting and padding, faucets that won't rust easily, and other high-quality materials when you are paying for a luxury townhome.

Tour the Space

Pictures online can be deceiving. Make sure that you have enough storage, that your gathering and entertaining rooms are large enough, and that you can fit your bedroom furniture and other items if needed. You want to know that your car will fit in the garage, you can host a dinner if needed, and that you will have the space you need before you invest.

Know What You're Responsible For

Find out what the HOA fee is for the townhome, and what that includes. Some of the things that you should expect to be included could be:

  • Lawn cutting
  • Leave removal
  • Snow removal on the drives and walkways
  • Salt for the ice on driveways and walkways
  • Seasonal tree trimming
  • Care for the common areas

If the association expects you to put down your own mulch, care for your own trees or walkways, or pay more for these services, these are expenses to consider in advance.

A luxury townhome can be a great way for you to get a property that you love, without having wasted space or having to spend a lot of your free time maintaining a building or a property. Find Luxury Townhouses for Sale with an association that will be right for you.

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