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Choosing Your Office Space: How Much Space, And The General Cost

An office space rental comes in all shapes and sizes. If you do not need anything particularly large, you can rent a single office room that is just enough for a desk, a couple of chairs, a few filing cabinets, and a computer with peripherals. If you expect to work with other people or have an assistant in reception, you will need a bigger space. Here are the most common office rental options, and how each generally charges for the space.

The Single Office

As previously mentioned, this is one office space. The door opens directly into your office, and there may or may not be any windows. There are shared restrooms in the building, but no private restrooms in your office. The space may be very square and small, or very large and rectangular, but with no dividers and no means or permission to divide the space. 

The Double Office or Triple Office

So named because there are clearly defined walls splitting up a much larger space into two or three offices. The door opens into one or more of the offices, or opens into one office, and that office opens into the next, and the next. You can use the office space where the front door opens into it as the "reception" area if you so choose. 

The "Suite" 

An office suite has a clearly defined reception area, and sometimes a restroom that everyone in said office shares (i.e., unisex). There may be two or three additional attached offices to the reception office, but there is also a hallway from reception to office space. The offices themselves are a lot roomier and easier in which to move about. 

The Large, Extended Suite

This kind of office space for rent has restrooms for separate genders, reception space, up to five separate adjoining offices, and sometimes you even get a conference room. It is the most expensive option, but it is also ideal for multiple business partners in accounting or legal firms. It works for small entrepreneurial businesses as well. 

Rental Costs

In almost all cases, office space and retail space charge by the square foot. Depending on who owns the space and what the proprietor chooses to charge per square foot, you could be looking at two office spaces for rent of equal size and features that are a couple hundred dollars apart in monthly rent. Still, the price is always by square footage, and it helps to keep this in mind when you want a certain amount of space. 

Contact a company, like Executive Quarters, for more assistance.

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