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Add These Things To Your Entryway Before An Open House

The chief goal of your upcoming open house is to make the residence appear warm and inviting. While smart changes and decorations in each of your rooms can add this feeling for those who will be attending the open house, you shouldn't overlook the value of the impact that your home's entryway can have for people walking through the front door for the first time. While the size, color, and brightness of the entryway can all impact how this space feels, you should think about adding a handful of items that will give this part of your home a cozy, lived-in feel. Here are some items to add:

Hanging Items

If you have a handful of coat hooks in the entryway, abstain from hanging coats off them. Doing so can make the space feel a little smaller than it actually is, especially if the coats are bulky. Instead, a variety of accents can give open house attendees a good feeling as they walk through the front door of the residence. For example, an umbrella hanging on one of the hooks, a sun hat on another, and even a dog's leash hanging on another can all send a clear feeling of hominess to those who are considering buying your home.

Tabletop Items

Many homeowners have some manner of table in the entryway of their home. On a day-to-day basis, this surface might be cluttered with mail, keys, and other items, but in advance of your open house, take some time to decorate this surface appropriately. A vase of seasonal flowers works well, and while you won't want to leave an actual candle burning, a faux candle operated by a tiny yellowish light can create a cozy atmosphere. A small piece of children's artwork in a frame can also be valuable on this table.

Refreshment Items

A creative way to give open house attendees the feeling that they're at home is to offer some snacks in the entryway of your home. While this isn't something the average home has on a daily basis, it's effective for an open house because it gives your visitors a good feeling as soon as they step inside. For example, a large, clear glass jug filled with ice water and some lemon and lime wedges, as well as tidy stack of plastic cups, can be a valuable addition. A bowl of mini candy bars, such as those available at Halloween, can also be useful in this area.

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Investing In A Better Home

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