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Things To Note Before Buying A Home With Mature Trees

Many potential homeowners crave homes with mature trees, but not all of them understand the intricacies of buying and owning a property with mature trees on the lot. Mature trees have several benefits, but they are also a lot of work to maintain. Therefore, consider these three issues before buying such a property:

There May Be Restrictions on the Trees Removal

The first thing you should know is that you may be buying the house plus everything else on the lot, but that doesn't mean that you are free to treat the trees as you like. Each state has laws and regulations governing tree removal, and you may even be barred from cutting down mature trees in your home. This is likely to be the case with endangered trees or very big trees. Consider this before letting your purchase decision be swayed by the thought of felling down that big tree in the backyard and using it to make wood furniture. 

You May Have To Remove Some of the Trees

Another thing to note is that you may be forced, by circumstances, to remove some of the mature trees in the compound. Any tree professional will advise you to cut down a tree that is increasingly leaning towards your house, trees that have been affected by an infectious disease (or those that harbor dangerous pests) or weak trees that can fall down at any moment. Therefore, it's advisable to evaluate the trees and know which ones can be kept and which ones should be removed. It would be saddening to buy a home because it has a perfect tree for a tree house for your kids only to realize that the ideal tree for the tree house has to be removed because it is endangering your house.

Trees Require Maintenance Too

Lastly, you should not forget that just like your home needs regular maintenance, the trees will need to be maintained too. You will need to cut down weak trees, trim tree branches, clean fallen leaves and branches, and clean fallen twigs and leaves off your roof and gutters. You may also have to deal with tree roots that are threatening your property's foundation. The more and the bigger the trees the more maintenance they will require, and that needs money.

Therefore, think carefully before buying a house just because it has mature trees and you have always wanted such a home. Consider other aspects of the house to ensure you find real estate with real value.

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