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What To Expect When Buying A Condo

Buying a condo is a great option as it costs less money, but you also get to live in a community where you likely have access to other amenities. However, you should be aware of what the procedure is typically like with this type of real estate purchase. Take a look at some of these things involved in buying a condo.

Not All Condos Allow Mortgage Loans

One thing people are often surprised by is that not all condominium communities will allow you to use a mortgage loan to buy a condo. This might be from lack of proper insurance coverage to delinquencies on dues at that complex. It might also be a per-unit rule of not allowing a loan to be used to purchase it. It is important that after you find out what your financing situation is, you ask your realtor only for communities that allow loans. This can save you from finding a place that is perfect, but that you can't afford to buy.

You Might Have to Deal With an HOA

The HOA is also known as the Homeowners' Association. This is an organization that sets rules for different communities, such as what maintenance is required by you, whether or not you have to walk dogs on leashes, and what you can place on your patio or balcony. The HOA can also make rules about the inside of your condo after you buy it, like changing the flooring or updating bathroom fixtures. Even though you own the condo, the HOA can still set certain guidelines.

The Community Makes a Big Difference

The community of a condo complex is often more important than when you buy a traditional single-family detached home. With a condo, you live closer to your neighbors, and many of the property's amenities are shared. It makes it essential that you get to know the people who live there and make sure the community itself is the right fit for your family.

There May Be Rules About Renting Out Your Unit

Another thing to note about condominium communities is that they can sometimes have other rules, such as whether or not you can rent it out. Some people want to move out of their condo to a new home and rent it out instead of selling, but if your community has strict rules about ownership, this might be a problem. The reason is that communities need to have a certain number of condos that are owned by the residents in order to qualify for certain types of mortgage loans. This may cause the community to set strict rules on how many people can rent out their home.

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