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Five Tips For Hosting A Successful Real Estate Open House

One of the most effective ways to market a home is to host an open house, where potential home buyers can tour the property without having to make an appointment. As a real estate professional, an open house can also be a good way to see a large number of people without having to drive back and forth to the house, stage the house and wait for the people to arrive. However, to get the most from your open house, especially a luxury home open house, it's important to set up the property for success.

1. Professional behavior counts. For a real estate agent, open houses can sometimes be boring. There are often large periods of time when there are no people touring the property, followed by an onslaught of potential buyers. As tempting as it can be, resist working on other projects while you wait or texting and talking on your mobile phone. You don't want the first impression a potential buyer gets to be you texting away on your phone.

2. Set up the home for success. Staging the property for maximum appeal is especially important when showing luxury homes. This means removing excess clutter and collectible items, finding another home temporarily for the family pets, making sure the house is as clean as possible, sprucing up the outside of the home and even putting some of the owner's furniture and larger possessions in storage.

3. Have the information buyers need to make a decision. Make it easier for potential buyers to make a decision by having all of the information they need at the open house. This can include a single-page flyer outlining the highlights and important information about the property, information on financing and information on schools and other community services.

4. Put out ample signs. You want potential homebuyers to be able to find your open house. Keep in mind that people headed to your event will be driving, not walking, so you want the print on your signs to be large enough to be viewable from the road. Add signs to all major intersections leading to the house, not just one in front of the property.

5. Make all of the information easily available via electronic devices. Save paper and make it easier for the majority of potential buyers who use mobile devices by having all of the property information accessible via your company's app or website.

Hosting a successful open house doesn't have to be a chore. Start by making sure the property is in great shape, having all of your information assembled and accessible online and by making sure that the house is easy for potential buyers to find by setting up ample signs in the neighborhood.

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