Investing In A Better Home

3 Things To Look At When Buying A Fixer-Upper

The idea of buying a home that needs a little (or a lot) of work can be a bit romantic, but if you aren't realistic, you could end up with a property that is truly your own worst nightmare. This is why it's important to take a look at a few certain things when buying a fixer-upper home.

1. Location

Sure, you might be able to make a whole lot of changes to the home once you buy it, but one thing that you won't be able to change easily is its location. This means that no matter where the home is located or what the asking price might be, you should make sure that you will be happy with it before you sign the dotted line. Sure, you might not mind living outside of the city in your new fixer-upper, but if you find that you have a super-long commute each day, you might find that you have issues with your new-to-you home before you even move in.

2. Type of Repair

All fixer-uppers are not created equally, and the types of repairs that your home needs will have a big impact on whether or not you are making a smart purchasing decision. For example, if you are buying a home that needs a new roof, new plumbing pipes, and all new electrical work, then you might find that all of the work simply is not worth it. If you are buying a home that only needs some minor cosmetic work and other types of work that you can easily pull off, however, you might find that buying a fixer-upper is the perfect way to get the home of your dreams while staying within your budget.

3. Length of Time to Make Repairs

Are you in a huge hurry to move into your new home, or do you have plenty of time to customize it to your needs? Thinking about things like this is important if you are buying a home that needs some work. This is because you might find that your privacy is interfered with on a daily basis in one home, while you might be able to buy the home you want and close on it immediately in another transaction. If you need to move quickly with little to no interruption in your daily life, for example, a fixer-upper home that needs a bit of work might not be the right choice for you.

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Investing In A Better Home

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