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Reasons To Hire A Young, Inexperienced Real Estate Agent To Sell Your Home

When you begin the search to find the right real estate agent for help with selling your home, it's an easy choice to opt for an agent with many years of experience. However, if you come across a young, inexperienced agent, you shouldn't automatically dismiss him or her. Try to recall when you were starting out in your chosen career — you wanted people to give you a chance, and you didn't want your inexperience to count against you. Here are some reasons that you won't regret hiring a young, inexperienced agent.

He/She May Be Savvy With New Technology

A big advantage to hiring a young, inexperienced real estate agent is that he or she may be highly savvy with modern marketing techniques. This can include using social media posts, connecting with people on social media, and even producing YouTube videos to highlight the features of your home. Additionally, young agents are often highly keen to use new technology such as 360-degree photos, virtual walk-throughs, and even the use of drones to capture your home and property from above. Strength in this area can set your listing above others in your neighborhood and help you sell your home quickly.

He/She May Have Fewer Clients

A real estate agent who is young and inexperienced might be passed over by some people, which means that if you hire him or her, the agent will have more time to devote to you. While busier agents who handle dozens of clients at a time can be valuable, the amount of time that they can devote to your situation might be limited. An inexperienced agent, meanwhile, has more hours each day to help you. This can mean that he or she can have frequent open houses, as well as respond quickly to private viewing requests.

He/She Likely Has A Mentor

There's no need to worry that something may go wrong if you hire an inexperienced agent. Many agents in this situation have a mentor in their office who can provide guidance and help when the need arises. If you're concerned about the paperwork being completed properly, for example, you should know that your young agent will likely have his or her mentor help with this process, ensuring that all of the paperwork is done right. Additionally, if you have questions about selling your home that your inexperienced agent cannot answer, he or she can turn to the mentor to get you the answers.

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