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4 Steps to Take While Waiting for Water Damage Restoration Experts to Arrive

A pipe burst, the basement flooded, a sewer backed up, or something else left your home in a soaking state. If you hire a water damage restoration service, what's next? Even if they can come ASAP, you can start prepping for the restoration process right away. Check out these must-do steps that you should take while you're waiting for the experts.

Make sure the area is safe.

The first thing to do is make sure that the space is safe to enter. If you have any doubts, stay out and wait for the experts to give you the okay. Structural damage, electrical hazards and sewage contamination are all reasons to avoid the area, according to the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification. Warning the team of these hazards will help them make the area safe for them to work.

Call your insurance company.

Unless you have your policy memorized or can perfectly understand each and every clause, it's best to hear what is covered (and what isn't) straight from the company itself. Explain what happened (the cause of the water damage), the extent of the damage, where it occurred and who is fixing it (this includes plumbers, water damage restoration professionals and any other repair-person needed). Make sure that the insurance company covers repairs made by the pros you're hiring. If there's mold or mildew damage already, ask if that's covered as well.

Get some ventilation.

An open door, open windows or fans help circulate the air. This may stop or slow the growth of mold and mildew. If the cause of the damage is sewer-related, this will also cut some of the smell.

Remove valuables.

If you can safely reach water-soaked valuables, take them out of the area. This doesn't just include items that have monetary value. It also includes things that you personally want to keep (such as family photos, letters or your child's baby blanket). Start letting the items dry or clean them off. That said, if you're not sure the "correct" way to clean the item, keep it away from the water-filled area and wait for the pros to help you out.

No one wants to call a water damage restoration pro. But, sometimes it's necessary. Even though the leaf, flood or other water-filled issue isn't exactly easy to handle on your own, an expert restoration service can help you to get your home back to the dry space that you know and love.

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