Investing In A Better Home

Are You A Lifetime Gamer? Look For Features In Homes That Help You Fuel Your Passion

The noise that comes from playing board games or card games is typically from the conversations you have and the dice you roll. But, video games are a different beast altogether. They can be silent when played on a computer with headphones and a quiet keyboard or loud when you are talking with others on your microphone, playing on a mechanical keyboard, and using a full speaker system. If the latter is the way you like to game, then you should put gaming as one of your priorities when buying a home.

Considerable Distance Between Neighbors

Living in a small apartment or condo might have you feeling constrained. As soon as the clock strikes 10 p.m., you have to watch how much noise you make to avoid complaints. You might think that this problem will go away the second you purchase a home, but this is not always the case. If your exterior walls are within a few feet of a neighboring house, you could have the same issues. So, it is ideal to look for properties that have a considerable distance between the closest neighbors.

Decent Soundproofing

Distant neighbors are a good start, but you do not want your house to be a source of loudness when someone passes by your home, whether they are walking or driving down the road. So, when you start looking at homes, you will want to take note of certain qualities that can affect soundproofing. Features such as carpet, quiet ducts, solid-core doors, and thick drywall will all help keep sound inside your home.

Dedicated Room Potential

While it is certainly possible to play video games anywhere in your home, it might not be realistic. It is nice when you can have a dedicated room where your computers and consoles are located. Then, you can set the room up in a way that provides you with an optimal gaming experience. Part of a basement or inner den are two worthy options because they usually don't have windows looking outside. This will make it easier to prevent the sound that you make inside from reaching the outside.

If you find a great house with a room that is ideal for a dedicated gaming room, you may be willing to switch out the existing window with a soundproof one for maximum effectiveness. The cheaper alternative is adding caulk and curtains to bring the soundproofing up a notch on the current windows.

Keep these features in mind when looking at homes for sale so you can have the best environment for your hobby.

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Investing In A Better Home

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