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Devices That Will Protect Your Small Business From Theft

If your small business is located in a busy part of town that often encounters robberies, take some measures to protect your establishment and the contents inside of it by utilizing the following tips. As a result, your property will be protected day and night and you will have peace of mind when you are not present.

Locking Device That Looks Like A Common Object

If you have a lot of cash on hand and don't want to have a standard safe installed, for fear that it would be spotted and tampered with, purchase a locking device that looks like a common object. Many mini-safes are fire-resistant and waterproof. Choose one that is designed to look like a thermos, can, book, or another household object. Keep one key on you at all times so that you will always have access to money or other valuables that are stored inside of the device. Purchase duplicate keys and store them in hidden areas inside of your home or business.

Portable GPS Tracking Devices For Expensive Equipment

Purchase a few GPS (Global Positioning System) tracking devices to install on expensive equipment, such as computers, furniture, or electronics. Portable systems are compact and can be hidden in the inside or corner of each item that you would like to protect. If any items that contain a GPS are moved from your business, you will be notified through your cellphone or another media device of your choice. You will be provided with a location, allowing you to track down your possessions on your own or with the assistance of a law enforcement agency. 

Motion Detector And Alarm System That Includes A Notification System

Hire a locksmith like Suburban Lock to install a motion detector that makes a loud noise if the door to your business opens after hours. When a system is first installed, you will be able to create a pass code that will allow you to enter your business without triggering the alarm system. You will learn how to set the motion detector and alarm system before leaving the premises each day. If the alarm is triggered when you are not present, an alarm call center will be alerted. Once this occurs, an operator will notify you and the local police.

Some systems that contain a motion detector can be connected to a mobile device. If you choose to purchase a system like this, you can check on your business at various times throughout the day and night in order to reassure yourself that your property is safe. 

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Investing In A Better Home

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