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Four Home Features That DINKS Want In A Luxury Home

Double income no kids, or DINKS, couples, have more disposable income and have the aptitude to purchase luxury homes according to their incomes. Couples with two good incomes and no children will be likely to try traveling, enjoy cultural events in the city, and will want a luxury home that meets their needs. Many DINKS who live in large cities will have specific wish lists for their homes. If you want to sell real estate to DINKS, here are four particular home features that many will be looking for. 

Huge bathroom with plenty of workspace

A couple who both work will likely need to get ready at the same time. Most will not want to wait on the other to get out of the shower in order to be able to shave or do their hair, so it is necessary that the bathrooms can accommodate two people at once. Make sure that the bathroom is large enough so that steam isn't an issue, as someone may be using the mirror and sink area while the other uses the bathtub. This means that ventilation and placement of the shower and double sinks will be especially important. 

His and hers closets

Separating professional wear from casual clothing will be the name of the game for busy professionals. For those who prefer minimal furniture, the closet will be the sole space that they store all of their clothing. His and hers closets that have built in shelving for folded clothing and displays for shoes make it easier for each person to sort through and manage their clothing items. Ideally, these closets would be located off of the bathroom so that getting ready can take place in one space. 

Double deck and balcony

If the home is more than one story, consider placing a deck and the bottom and a small balcony on the top. Couples that have no children often associate with other childless couples and have get together's. The home should be one that makes it easy for entertaining, especially for backyard barbecues. The top deck can be utilized for having a glass of coffee or wine to wind down after a long day at work. The upper balcony is especially important for couples who live in the city or may have a good view. 

Master on a separate floor

For DINKS, putting the master bedroom on a floor of its own is no big deal. While parents who have children may want to stay on the same floor for convenience, this isn't an issue with a childless couple. When parents or friends come to stay, they will still maintain complete privacy, while being able to adequately host loved ones. 

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Investing In A Better Home

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