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Three Lock Maintenance Tips

Keeping your home secure will require you to make sure that you are getting the most from the locks that protect your doors. Sadly, there are many homeowners that can easily overlook some important lock care and safety tips, and if you make this mistake, you may be inadvertently exposing your home to a greater security risk. To help you avoid this issue, you should follow these three tips when it comes to your home's locks.  

Monitor The Locks For Signs Of Corrosion

The exterior portion of your locks will be subjected to rather intense weathering. Unfortunately, this weathering can result in the locks starting to corrode, and in addition to making them an eyesore, this can also seriously compromise the security that they provide. This is due to the fact that the corrosion can weaken the lock, which can make the delicate internal components more brittle. In order to prevent this problem from causing your locks to suffer a failure, you should thoroughly inspect the exterior of the locks every couple of months. If you notice that rust is starting to form, you should contact an experienced locksmith so that they can determine whether the rust has spread to the interior of the lock and whether it needs to be replaced.

Check The Faceplate To See If It Is Coming Loose

Over time, the faceplate of a lock can start to come loose, and while this may not seem like a serious threat, it can make the lock more likely to sustain damage. A loose faceplate can cause some of the components of the lock to become warped or coated in dust, and when this happens, it can cause the lock to fail. When you notice that the faceplate is coming loose, you will want to use a screwdriver to tighten the screws back into place. However, you will want to be careful to avoid overtightening because this can also damage the lock by warping components.

Know When To Apply Lubricant To Your Locks

Many homeowners can overlook the importance of ensuring their locks are properly lubricated. However, it is possible for a lock to create enough friction to damage the internal components if it is not properly lubricated. When you notice that your locks are making a grinding sound when you use them, you will want to apply lock oil to them. This oil can be purchased from most home improvement stores, and it is specifically formulated for use in locks. If you make the mistake of using a lubricant that is not designed for locks, the lock may become jammed due to the excess oil trapping dirt and dust particles.

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