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Distressed Property Can Make You Sick: What Should You Know About Your New Investment?

If you purchase a distressed property, you may want to clean it up as soon as possible to get it ready to rent out. But moving too fast with your cleanup job may be unsafe for you and your potential tenants. Distressed property can harbor dangerous pathogens that make humans and pets sick, including fecal waste, mold, and rodents. If you don't take time to inspect the home before cleaning it up, you may run into problems with the city later. Here are things to do before you clean up your new investment.

Inspect the Yard

The first thing you or a property cleanup contractor should do is inspect the property's yard to see if it contains anything that can prick, cut or injure you or your workers during the cleanup. If the home's previous owners performed any type of repairs in the past, such as replacing the roof or putting up a fence, there may be rusty nails, pointy sticks and other items in the grass that can cause serious injuries to workers.

One of the biggest issues with the items listed above is tetanus. Tetanus is a type of bacteria that causes a number of unsavory symptoms, including muscle spasms in the mouth and body. The symptoms can show up within a few days to a week of the bacteria entering the body. If someone is infected by tetanus, you may be responsible and liable for their injuries and medical expenses.

It's a good idea that you put on a pair of thick-soled boots and walk through the yard to inspect it. If possible, mark the areas with dangerous items by placing a sign or post in the ground near them. The signs will help you locate and remove the items easier. 

Examine the Plumbing

The home's plumbing may not be up to date, which can cause issues for your tenants. If the plumbing pipes burst and leak contaminated water into the home, some individuals may experience allergies to the contaminants found in it. The water released by the damaged plumbing is called blackwater.

Blackwater contains raw sewage, rotten food, bacteria, parasites, and feces. The water can potentially cause a number of life-threatening problems if someone touches or consumes it. Some pathogens can enter the body through the nose, eyes, and broken skin. To avoid these issues, it's important that you or a contractor inspect the plumbing in the basement, bathroom, kitchen, and any other area with sewer lines.

If you need assistance inspecting and cleaning up your property, contact professionals from a company like Seabreeze Property Services.

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