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Spectacular Real Estate for Military Families in Beaufort

Few places in the United States vow to serve its military personnel more than Beaufort, South Carolina. A short distance away from Parris Island, Beaufort has military history coursing through its veins. Here are some of the top reasons to look into real estate in Beaufort after your tours are complete:

  • The support. Several neighborhoods of Beaufort, such as the West End and Depot districts, are large concentrations of military families. While any upstanding American citizen respects and honors the troops, very few will have experienced the camaraderie and dedication to others found in the U.S. Armed Forces. In addition, there are many companies and organizations doing their part to serve the troops upon their return, such as Gavigan Homes, which offers to pay for closing costs and other fees of all off-base housing for current and former military families. There are a multitude of new custom homes for sale, with several military-friendly real estate agents working in the area. In addition, there is also a nearby Naval Hospital, which is accessible to all veterans living in Beaufort.
  • The culture. With over a dozen art galleries and museums, as well as a 12,000 ft2 community arts center, Beaufort is truly one of South Carolina's most concentrated hubs of culture. With the annual Beaufort Water Festival, Irish Festival, and Shrimp Festival, moving to Beaufort would mean moving to a vibrant, yet intimate, family environment. In addition, there are many different places of worship in the area, with the Parish Church of St. Helena being the oldest in the city (founded in 1712). 
  • The atmosphere. As mentioned by Real Estate Scorecard, the combination of romance, beauty, and love for country make Beaufort one of the best places to live in the United States. With Hunting Island State Park, the number one place to visit in Beaufort according to, only a short drive away from your new home, this is certain to be a wonderful place to begin making memories with your family. In addition, with several organic farms nearby, healthy farm-to-table food is at your fingertips. What better way to begin your new life in Beaufort than with fresh air and fresher food, no further than a walk from your front door?

There are many places across this nation where your family can be stationed or build a new home, but very few compare to the joy and beauty of Beaufort, South Carolina. 

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Investing In A Better Home

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