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Want To Buy A Vacation Rental? 4 Ways To Keep Up With Property Maintenance

Renting out a home leaves you responsible for handling maintenance and repairs, but basic tasks like watering the lawn, preventing mold growth, and keeping the carpets clean is in the tenant's hands. Turning a property into a vacation rental leaves you with similar, but slightly different responsibilities. To make sure your future guests are happy with their stay, you need to maintain the home. It is important to know the main responsibilities for property maintenance with a vacation rental.

Check All Appliances After Each Stay

In a standard rental home, you would not have to worry about appliance checkups as the tenants who live in the home would let you know as soon as something goes wrong. However, it is not possible to rely on each guest to use all of the appliances, especially the small ones such as a blender or coffeemaker. It is beneficial to do a quick run through of all big and small appliances before a new guest arrives.

Get Routine Carpet Cleaning

Vacuuming in-between guests is imperative, but this may not be enough to make your home feel, smell, and look as clean as you want it to for impressing potential guests. It is for this reason that you will want to get professional carpet cleaning more often than you would in your own home or in a regular rental. Guests do not want to feel like they are staying in a place that needs to be cleaned.

Although it is ideal when you do not have carpeting at all, you should not replace the floors just for this reason. Carpet cleaning will keep dust and allergens down, which will lead to happy guests.

Maintain a Presentable Home

Property management encompasses a lot of things, such as the presentation of your home. Since curb appeal is such an important part of bringing in new guests and making an excellent first impression, you should be willing to pressure wash the exterior walls, driveway, and pathways as often as needed. It is worth buying your own machine to take care of emergency cleanups before a new guest comes.

Handle All Aspects of Landscaping

The lawn, plants, and trees on your property may not be that easy to take care of properly. Investing in synthetic grass is a way to reduce the amount of maintenance that your property needs, but you cannot put in fake trees or plants without making it look extremely obvious. Investing in preventive pest control and keeping up with tree pruning are the two most impactful things that you can do to help your rental.

Property maintenance is not always that easy, especially with a vacation rental where you are constantly trying to make positive first impressions. Making maintenance a little bit easier can go a long way.  

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