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Four Helpful Safety Tips To Consider When Selling Your Home

If you are showing your home to sell, there are precautions that you should take to ensure the safety of your home, family, and potential buyers. One of the only ways to sell your home is to open this up for potential buyers to view, but you can still be smart about this process. Here are four things you can do to help with safety factors when showing your home.

1. Remove Hazards Inside and Out

While you might know there is a small step down into the living room or to avoid the low hanging light fixtures in the dining area, those coming to view your home will not. Be sure to clear any hazards in your yard or walkways inside and out that one might inadvertently trip over. Make note of narrow stairways or other accident-prone areas in your home with a sign or have real estate agents point them out.

2. Lock up Medications

Especially if you are having an open house, don't leave out prescription medications in the bathrooms that anyone can get to. This is to protect yourself from theft, but also to protect those who are viewing your home. Many times families bring their children to open houses who would be more apt to get into things and might ingest harmful medications.

3. Remove Your Valuables

Much like medications, it isn't worth the chance to leave out things important to you that thieves might steal if given the opportunity. Another thing to think about are individuals that might actually use open houses to case a home for later on. Don't leave spare keys or garage door openers around that can be easily grabbed and used later on by burglars.

4. Remove Identifying Personal Information

If you are living in your home while showing to sell, it is worth it to put away any personal information about your family in order to to keep everyone safe. This includes family pictures, certificates, and names in your kid's bedrooms. Be sure to lock up any mail that might be lying around, as this could include personal and financial information. Just because your home is open for others doesn't mean that your identity needs to be out in the open as well.

Keep everyone involved in the homebuying process safe while your home is on the market. This will fall to you as the seller, but it's worth it to take minor precautions ahead of time. Make sure that your house is ready for showings that are safe for you and the homebuyers. Contact a real estate company like R & E Investments for more information.

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