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Interested In Renting? 4 Ways To Avoid Security Deposit Issues Upon Moving Out

When you move into rental properties, you have three individual expenses that you can expect to pay: an application fee, a security deposit, and the first month's rent. Since the security deposit is the only expense that you can get returned to you after moving out, that is what you should focus on before moving in.

It is ideal to make it your goal to avoid anything beyond regular wear and tear to avoid charges. By following some of the ideas below, you can enjoy rental living and minimize the risk of damage.

Get Artificial Plants for Adding Greenery

Real plants are nice to have, but they come with risks. They can lead to water spills, which can damage flooring, as well as cause stains from dirt or mud getting onto the floor or walls. Sure, they provide you with better air quality, but you can also spruce up your apartment with a few artificial plants. Artificial is also safer for when you have pets as you do not have to worry about them knocking the plants over.

Add Protective Lining to All Cabinets

It is inevitable for your cabinets to get a little dirty after living in an apartment for a whole year. However, you can keep them from looking like they have been used at all by adding protective lining. This lining is made for cabinets and is usually plastic and ribbed to make it easy to clean and to avoid circulation issues. It is simple to apply lining to all of the cabinets in your apartment to keep dirt and grime from sticking.

Accommodate the Needs of Your Pets

As a pet owner, you might think that you know everything that your pets need. However, making a mistake can have financial consequences in an apartment, so it is better to guarantee that their needs are met.

If you have two cats, a large litter box may seem like enough, especially if you clean it on a daily basis. But, you should make sure you have three litter boxes in a two-cat household to avoid issues. Since you will get charged for carpet damage from pet urine, finding space for enough boxes should be a top priority.

It might seem strange, but training your dog to use a litter box is perfect for rental living. It prevents you from needing to rush back home after work and minimizes the chance of pet urine getting on the floors.

Look Up Refrigerator Shelving Limitations

Just because you have enough room in a refrigerator to put four or five gallons of milk, water, or juice, does not mean that you should. It is important to look up the make and model of the refrigerator in an apartment to determine the weight limitations for each shelf, which will help you avoid breakage.

Learning how to avoid excessive damage from the beginning is the most effective way to get most or all of your security deposit back when you decide to move out of an apartment.

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