Investing In A Better Home

Temporary Additions That Will Help Your Open House

If you are working up to selling your home, the appearance of your space is an important factor when it comes to attracting potential homebuyers. Especially when it comes to single family homes, those looking to buy will be trying to envision their lives in your space. Here are four temporary additions you might want to incorporate into your home for your open house.

1. Incorporate New Artwork and Accents

It is a good idea to do an overhaul of your personal artwork and photos around your house. Replace these with more general items that will give your home a general look appealing to a larger audience. This might involve items such as abstract art, large vases, or well-placed rugs to add color to your space. These items can accent your space in a way that can play up features rather than functionality.

2. Smaller Furnishings for Increased Spaciousness

If you currently have a huge sectional couch in your living room or other larger furnishings that might be taking over your space, you might want to scale back before your open house. The more open space you can have in your home, the larger rooms will appear. Swap out your huge couch for a loveseat and consider putting other larger items in storage during your open house in order to maximize space.

3. Display Rooms as They Should be Used

If you are currently using bedrooms for office space, storage, or exercise equipment, it might be a good idea to restore these to look like bedrooms for guests or children. This will make it easier for buyers to see the potential in your home, especially if they are looking to grow their family. You don't need to invest in furnishings. Even blow up mattresses covered with bedding can help set the scene for sleeping areas.

4. Outdoor Settings

One of the main selling points of stand alone homes is the fact that the home will come with a yard and an outdoor environment. Potential home buyers will want to see what this space can add to their lives. Set the scene on a patio or balcony for outdoor entertaining or relaxation with patio furniture, outdoor lighting and landscaping. This will extend the living space of the home and make outdoor areas a feature.

Potential homebuyers want to view home the way it should be utilized, but not necessarily in a way that looks lived in. Professional stagers can help achieve this, but if you are on a budget, your real estate agent can help with small details. It is worth it to do what you can to set your single family home apart from others, especially during your open house. Contact a real estate company, like Prime Realty, for more help.

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Investing In A Better Home

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