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Flour Beetles In The Pantry: How To Eliminate Them From Your Kitchen

Flour beetles can become a nuisance in your kitchen. Because these insects travel on flour products, you may not be able to prevent them from coming into your home, but you can prevent them from taking over your kitchen and your home. Here are just a few pest control tips you can use to manage a flour beetle problem.

Seal Your Grain Products

Since flour beetles often come into your home by traveling in products you purchase at the grocery store, sealing your grain products can help to prevent the spread of the insects. Put cereals, pasta, flour and other similar products in air-tight containers. You can place the boxes inside of plastic bags to create an added layer of protection from the bugs. You can also use a vacuum sealer to contain the problem. Remember to seal or store each package individually. This will prevent a package contaminated by flour beetles from affecting the rest of the food in your pantry.

Vacuum Your Kitchen Thoroughly

Flour beetles can easily travel from one shelf or cabinet to another in your kitchen. Vacuum each shelf thoroughly to remove the insects and any eggs or larvae they may leave behind. Don't limit your vacuuming to cabinets where you keep food, as you may find flour beetles in the cabinets where you keep your glassware and dishes as well. Once everything is vacuumed, wipe down all the surfaces and allow them to dry before you replace your items. Be sure to vacuum and clean around any pet food dishes to eliminate any insects that may have been looking for food in these areas.

Hire A Pest Control Expert

In some cases, the problem with flour bugs might be too much for you to handle on your own. A pest control expert can use chemicals to eliminate the infestation. The insecticides should be used in cracks and crevices in your kitchen, such as the corners of your cabinets, where the flour beetles can easily hide from sight. Before applying any chemical treatments in your home, the pest control expert should perform an inspection for you. Once the area is treated, your pest control company should clean up the area to remove any insect remnants and make sure your cabinets are safe for storing food and dishes once again.

Be sure to talk to the pest control expert about all the different options you have to solve your flour beetle problem. He or she may have additional advice you can use to prevent these bugs from taking over your home. For more information, check out websites like

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