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Eco-Friendly Pest Control For Bees

Be it a mouse infestation or a large swarm of bees, when your property is invaded by pests, it can put just about everything on hold. While you don't want to put your family, social life, or job on the back-burner, what can you do? Ignoring the issue is not an option, as the pest infestation will only get worse. If you don't want to spray toxic chemicals and fumes all over your property, there are other options. Here are a few eco-friendly measures you can take to rid your property of bees:

Seal Them Out

This is a do-it-yourself method that you can perform relatively easily. Just go through your entire house (including places like the attic, basement, and garage) and look for any cracks in the foundation, walls, floors or ceilings. If you do see some crevices or cracks around your house, then it is time to seal. Bees can easily fly or crawl into tight spaces, so use paste, grout or another sealing substance to close those gaps to prevent their entry into your home. 

Talk to the Insiders

Did you know that the American Horticultural Society actually has a register of reputable resources that may be able handle your bee problem? The society is even in charge of a special program that trains and certifies individuals who complete coursework about the prevention and treatment of pest infestations. 

If you are dealing with bee problem, try taking a snapshot of one as a sample so that you can bring it to a trained expert for identification. He or she can examine it and determine the most safe and environmentally friendly away to get remove the bees.

Call a Pest Control Expert

Even if none of your attempts at naturally eliminating the bees around your home have not worked, there are still a lot of eco-friendly pest control companies with environmentally safe solutions for your bee problems. When you contact a company, let them know that bees have invaded your property and that you would like to remove them in a humane and non-toxic manner. The professionals will know what to recommend without incurring multiple stings from a swarm of angry bees.

Often, products with pheromones as attractants can be used to avoid the use of insecticides. In addition, smoke or other deterrents can aid in the relocation of the bees.

Contact a pest control expert in your area who handles bee removals to schedule an appointment.

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