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5 Cool Alternate Uses For Your Apartment Dining Area

Most apartments don't have separate dining rooms, rather a living/dining or kitchen/dining area. If you live alone or don't entertain much, you probably don't need a dining area at all. Apartments are small enough without taking up precious space with a table and chairs you never use, so why not turn it into a space that will fit your lifestyle?

Add Counter Space

Apartment kitchens are notorious for having way too little counter space and plugs for all your modern countertop appliances. Adding a rolling island with countertop, cabinets and a plug-in electric strip can be much more useful than a table and chairs by providing storage space for appliances and more badly needed prep space for cooking.

Create a Coffee Bar

If you want a place to sit and have your morning coffee, consider adding a bar with comfortable stools. Choose a bar with cabinets underneath to stash your mugs and supplies. Put it on wheels and you can roll it out to use as a beverage bar for parties.

Make Your Desk Do Double Duty

Sometimes having a dining room table in your living room spoils the whole look you are trying to create. Instead, consider having a table that can be multi-purpose, like a desk that can also be used to eat on should you have guests. Folding chairs can be stashed away in a closet or hung on the wall for other uses until you need them.

Use Your Artwork as a Table

If you don't want a table at all, consider something creative, like a drop-down table that doubles as a picture frame. This is especially good for art lovers who have limited wall space.

Make Room for Exercise

Some types of exercise, such as aerobics, Tai Chi or yoga, require floor space, and the designated dining area may be just big enough. If you enjoy working with weights at home, you may want to put that large exercise machine in the space. Create a sports storage area by hanging a pegboard on the wall to hold your gear and parking your bikes in the floor space.

Most apartments have excess space, and the dining area may be something you don't really need. Consider uses for the space that would better suit your lifestyle, such as an exercise space, coffee bar or home office. Seeing a space for what it could be instead of what it is will open up new possibilities.

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