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HOA Managagement: Three Technology Solutions That Help Residents And Board Members

Choosing the right HOA management company means finding one that meets all the needs of your residents. HOA management companies that offer innovative technology solutions can make your condo building or housing development operate smoothly while meeting the needs of your residents. Here are three technology solutions your HOA management company should offer.

Online Portals

Online portals give your board members and residents easy access to services and payment options. Your HOA management company should provide some type of SAAS (software-as-a-service) platform that includes several online portals for each of your associations needs. A resident-facing portal gives owners a place to make HOA fee payments, schedule times to book parties and gatherings in public places and request repair services for their unit. A board member-facing portal lets approved board members schedule board meetings and handle day-to-day operations.

Mobile App Solutions

Your HOA management company should work with local vendors to arrange for services and maintenance. Mobile applications that connect your board members directly with vendors lets them schedule these services right from their mobile devices. These applications can also be made available to residents so they can submit requests for services that your board members can then approve and forward to your vendors for immediate assistance. Your HOA management company can also provide mobile applications that keep residents updated on their fee due dates and even let them pay the fees through the mobile application. Community mobile applications offer and easy way for the association to keep residents updated on community news and events, with the information sent right to their smartphones or tablets.

Online Real Estate Solutions

Your HOA management company should play an active role in making sure that all of your units are occupied. Creating an online presence through a website and social media accounts can help to sell your community to potential home buyers. The HOA management company should keep all these accounts up to date with current listings, community news and photos that make your community appear warm and welcoming. You can also create a real estate agent-centered website that lets local agents know when you have property for sale.

Technology makes the business of managing your property easier. When you look for an HOA management company, make sure it is taking advantage of these technology solutions to help improve the experience of living in your community. These technology services make it easier to keep your property running smoothly and can help to make sure your community is a vibrant one filled with happy residents. Contact a business, such as The Noble Company of South Carolina, LLC, for more information.   

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